All federal appointments in Edo should bear Obaseki’s stamp

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President Buhari’s stance on a fresh NDDC board composition; and how not to undermine a credible Governor a rejoinder to John Mayaki

President Buhari has by his recent nationalistic action on fresh composition of NDDC board, demonstrated that, he is capable of reading a mistake and correcting same in the overriding public interest. A kindergarten is undoubtedly the lowest level of academics; and my four years old daughter’s prediction, that Buhari would recall the list of NDDC board designate led by Odubu on the ground of two fatal mistakes.

She said, Daddy, it is not yet Edo State turn to produce the board Chairman; and that it is dodgy for the suspended National Chairman of APC to nominate candidates for NDDC board, based on her reading of write ups on the debate. At last, my Daughter, (Sonia Agbonta Elaihor) has been vindicated by today’s official statement by President Buhari’s S. A. Media and affirmed by the President’s Twitter handle – confirming the unconditional disbandment of the list of NDDC board designates.

As for us in Edo State, we believe that, like the days of Governor Oshiomhole’s administration, all federal appointments must bear the stamp of Governor Obaseki. Others earlier done without his stamp should be reviewed. Getting federal appointments in Edo State through the crude approaches of Adams Oshiomhole is a back door appropriation of our State’s glories, and it must be condemned by all free born of Edoland.

The rather pedestrian attempt by one John Mayaki to tie Odubu’s political disappointment from the Presidency as an act of marginalisation of the chairman of Edo State Traditional Rulers Council – the Oba of Benin is a brutish affront on Benin’s royalty and nobility, both to those in Nigeria and abroad. At the risk of inciting the Benins against Mayaki, let it be noted that anyone who toys with the name of our Oba on the basis of chauvinistic politics is dancing on the Lions tail, whatever he or she gets is his or her share of a sacrilegious adventure. Good bye to all known sponsors of John Mayaki.

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