Boko Haram video: Nigerian Army lied, says IPOB

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IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has taken a swipe at the Nigerian Army for accusing it of being behind the recent trending video where Boko Haram members were torturing and humiliating the Nigerian Army personnel.

The group described the accusation as not only unguarded but shameful and thoroughly unsubstantiated, saying that it is very typical of an army that specialises in attacking civilian populations in the South, but cringe at the sight of a well-armed opposition in the North.

In a statement by IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful, the group wondered why the  Nigeria army would belittle themselves so shamelessly in the eyes of the world by involving IPOB in their futile attempt to deflect attention from their impotence and failed effort to fight a terrorism menace they themselves created in Nigeria.

The statement partly reads: “The Nigerian Army must understand that Biafra is not Nigeria. IPOB have more important things to do than engaging in doctoring a video that is so clear for all to see.

“Maybe Nigerian Army thinks the world is as undiscerning as typical Nigerian.”

IPOB observed that the statement from Nigeria Army proves that the Nigeria Army and her sisters security outfits in Nigeria have lost  control of their phony war against Boko Haram and are looking to blame IPOB for their plight.

“We pity Nigeria Army and gullible Nigerians who cannot see the inevitable violent collapse of Nigeria. What is happening today in Nigeria is the worst form of organised state sponsored hypocrisy.

“Recruiting Boko Haram members and other terror groups into the Nigerian Army, Police, DSS and other security formations in Nigeria is a recipe for disaster which IPOB is rightly sensitising the world about.

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“Nigeria is imploding gradually and no amount of lies against IPOB will avert the impending doom of the failed British contraption.”

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