Teacher Who Slept With Five Pupils Before Quitting Her Job, Exposed

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Fiona Viotti, 32, allegedly had sexual relationships with the boys at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town, South Africa, between 2013 and 2019.

The private school appointed lawyers to investigate the teacher after an 18-year-old student claimed he had been involved in an ‘intense’ sexual relationship with her, saying she became controlling when he tried to end things with her.

The subsequent investigation found that, while the school did not know of Viotti’s actions, the boy who came forward was just one of at least five students targeted by the teacher.

The former history teacher and water polo coach, who is married, quit amid the scandal on October 11.

In a statement released earlier today, December 2, the school said because she resigned, no disciplinary action would be taken against her.

The investigators have informed the school of their duty to report to the authorities. The school is cooperating with the appropriatee body.

The school has also made the parents of the affected boys aware of their rights and responsibilities in this matter.

Investigations got during interviews revealed that the teacher acted in breach of the Bishops Code of Professional Conduct for Teaching Staff.

They also found she breached the Code of Professional Ethics issued by the South African Council of Educators, while they carried out a review of current policies in place at the college concerning teacher and pupil interaction.

The investigators discovered that Bishops Diocesan College has the policies and procedures in place to address matters of sexual misconduct and that it has taken all reasonable steps.

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However, the investigation could not determine who Viotti allegedly sent photographs and videos of herself to, which were sexual and later circulated on social media.

After her resignation, Viotti was reportedly admitted to a psychiatric clinic and later discharged. The 32-year-old’s lawyer, William Booth, said she isn’t in a clinic but is ‘receiving outpatient treatment’.

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