Nigeria to set up funds For the treatment of cancer

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Every year over 30,000 Nigerians perish as a result of cancer. The burden of reducing cancer becomes the problems of the government.

Hence, Osagie Ehanire, who is the minister of health has said, the government is rolling out funds to aid in the treatment of cancer.

“There will be a creation of a fund, either a cancer treatment fund or whatever we decide to call it. It is important and can be driven by investment or donation,” the minister said.

“It can be driven by any method that takes you beyond the point where health insurance cannot cover anymore in your treatment.”

The minister said this in response to a touching story on the painful battle against cancer shared by Serah Shimenenge Yugh, a breast cancer survivor, on Tuesday at the National Health Dialogue holding in Abuja.

Mr Ehanire and Ms Yugh were both panelists who discussed the topic, “Cancer control in Nigeria”.

Speaking first in the panel, the cancer survivor shared how she battled with the debilitating ailment without getting at least a free or subsidised cancer screening.

She said many cancer sufferers die needlessly because their conditions are mostly not diagnosed on time.

Ms Yugh appealed to the government to at least make cancer screening free.

The minister encourages early diagnosis for Nigerians who must have sensed cancer.

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