Victoria Kimani Responds To Savage Blow On Alleged Affair With Wizkid

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Amidst the Vector and MI Diss, Victoria Kimani tweeted in support of Vector but she, however, didn’t anticipate what came next, as a Twitter user exposed her for always sneaking out to sleep with Wizkid despite him dating Omotayo at that time.

The accuser identified as Pearl tweeted;

“Victoria you are a real disgrace to womanhood and Chocolate City team that has had your back for years even with all your bad misbehaviors. I will expose you for the person you really are since you decided to involve yourself in what doesn’t concern you.

The same CC team including Ice and M were the ones begging for you when you were always going to sleep with Wiz even if you knew he was dating Tanya and she caught you and almost beat your ass up that you had to jump window.

Now you come out with your disloyal ass to chat shit of these same people. Please, I beg you to try and deny it cos I have receipts and more of the type of person you are. The biggest snake of all. Just sit this one out!.”

Victoria’s response was more of an acknowledgment than a denial.

She tweeted;

“Lmao. Aww, this was Cute. 1. You must be one of MI’s side chicks that he had working for free at the same office his girl was slaving at. 2. I can sleep with who I want, when I want, how I want, in any position I want what’s next. 3. Love ya sis”

See screenshots below:

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